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From moments of doubt to moments of joy.

When cooking we are hit with hundreds of questions not covered in recipe books. How fine should I chop my ingredients? When do I add salt to my dish? Should I keep the lid on or off?

That's why we created Moment. To give you the skills and confidence to cook with freedom, joy and creativity.

"We've spent the last 25 years creating Cookpad - the world's largest recipe sharing app. Our mission is to make everyday cooking more fun, and enable people to live happier, healthier lives.

To achieve our goal, we realised we had to go beyond recipes and teach people the fundamentals of cooking.

That's why we created Moment. To help people understand cooking, and experience the magic of creating a dish from intuition."

AKI Sano, Founder

The best method to unlock your cooking.

After years of research, we realised the best way to coach home cooks was to make a seamless experience. You cook in your own kitchen, in your own time, and get targeted feedback from a professional chef.

Enjoy a life full of flavour and rich experiences.

Bring people together.

Experience the magical feeling when people gather around the dinner table, fuelled by incredible food and great conversation.

Connect with your ingredients.

No more frustration when you can’t find an exact ingredient a recipe requires. Learn to cook independently - guided by fresh, seasonal ingredients and your intuition.

Enjoy a new life skill.

Unlock the joy of developing a practical skill that has a delicious impact on your daily life and on those around you. From the comfort of your own home.

Cooking is a journey. Start yours today.

Master your kitchen with Moment, and change the way you cook forever.

“I’m 100% sold on the concept. Ross was very focused on one specific aspect of the dish, so I knew exactly what to work on and improve. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the secrets I’ve learnt.”

Ash, a real moment learner
working with his coach Ross