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Unlock your cooking.

We pair you with a professional chef to learn the foundations of cooking.

Unlock your cooking.

We pair you with a professional chef to learn the foundations of cooking.

Save years of time and fill your life with flavour.

Moment equips you with the practical skills to feel in control of your cooking, in any kitchen, anywhere. 

Don’t waste time making the same mistakes every time you cook. Accelerate your understanding with personalised coaching and enjoy the richness of life that comes as you master a new skill.

Get feedback on your cooking from a pro chef.

Step One

Attach your Moment Cooking Tracker over your hob

Step Two

Start cooking your favourite dish

Step Three

Get laser-focused feedback from your Moment coach

Our research-backed coaching program.

We’ve spent years researching, testing and working with scientists, chefs and top sports coaches to answer one question - what’s the best way to improve your cooking skills?

You don’t get any recipes

Learning new recipes does not make you a better cook. You’ll become a better cook by mastering fundamental techniques.

Cook the same dish three times

Moment is the result of extensive research into tried-and-tested adaptive coaching techniques. We identify one skill for improvement at a time, working towards absolute mastery of it.

Get feedback after you've cooked

Your coach analyses your cooking and gives expert audio guidance after each session. You then implement the feedback the next time you cook.

The proof is in the pudding


Understood Their
Technique Better


Have Stayed with Moment
Over Six Months


Feel More Confident
Hosting FOr Others

Tap into the knowledge of industry-experts.

The best chefs, armed with the best coaching techniques to unlock your cooking.

“I’m 100% sold on the concept. Ross was very focused on one specific aspect of the dish, so I knew exactly what to work on and improve. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the secrets I’ve learnt.”

Ash, a real moment learner
working with his Coach, Ross

Cooking is a journey. Start yours today.

Master your kitchen with Moment, and change the way you cook forever.