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Yuki Yamauchi

Trained in France since 1998, he established a Japanese restaurant as head chef in Marrakech from 2006-2009. Returning to Japan, he opened "Rantimite" bistro. Passionate about food issues, Yamauchi conducts "Taste Lessons" and runs a package-free "Zero Waste Kitchen" and pop-up "Zero Waste Bistro" from his home workshop.

David Heuzé

Since 22, David has honed his craft through French culinary training and a decade alongside top chefs in luxury hotels. Winning numerous culinary awards, he established a fine catering company during COVID and joined the Moment team, driven by his passion for sharing knowledge.

Fabrizia Ventura

Born in Naples and raised in Rome, she merges art and cuisine in her 15-year culinary journey and 20 years as an educator. Founder of Cook Design ITALY and SUSCItaliano, promoting Food Design through planning, art, and communication. A world-class competitor, she won the World Champion Expo Pizza 2023 in Las Vegas.

Ross Gibbens

Beginning his culinary journey in a French restaurant, Ross gained 15 years of experience at Michelin-starred UK venues like Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons and The Square. He then was Head Chef at game-changing Dabbous and owner of three restaurants, and most recently served as Executive Chef at Bristol's Harbour House.

Cristian Poblete

Ignited by his passion for cooking in Mexico, Cristian has honed his skills learning from diverse chefs and cuisines. With notable roles as Head Chef at Canalla Bistro Valencia, Junior Sous Chef at StreetXO London, and Sous Chef at Oaxaca Barcelona, he showcases adaptability and creativity in various culinary styles.

Samuele Tomassone

Chef Samuele's love for cooking began early in life. He concentrates on understanding ingredient transformations on the stove. Continuously learning, Samuele is an expert in Italian cuisine and a proud representative of Piedmontese gastronomy.

Stefano Granata

With over 20 years of experience, Stefano Granata honed his skills in luxury hotels and collaborated with a renowned 3-star Michelin restaurant in Italy in 2019. Currently working in Geneva, he expertly navigates both Italian and French cuisine with exceptional skill.


Behind the stove for almost 15 years, Karla has always evolved in the heart of renowned hotels and restaurants. She currently cooks in one of the most beautiful and iconic Palace hotels in Paris. She is precise to every little detail and is a true believer that cooking can be revealed to everyone if the basics are well understood.

Yoji Ando

An Italian cuisine specialist who prioritises enhancing the natural flavour of ingredients over using ready-made products. Also experienced in shojin and traditional Japanese cuisine, he is the head chef at "Ristorante QUINDI" in Yoyogi-Uehara, where he does cooking classes and shares recipes with other restaurants.

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